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Candidate testimonials

I can only describe my experience of London Works as extremely positive and uplifting.  Ian and his team were incredibly supportive from the minute I walked through the door.  I finally felt confident that I had found a recruitment agency that had my best interests at heart and that I was not just going to be another name on their books.  Ian was honest and incredibly thoughtful in all his dealings with me.  I was coached through my interviews and given full briefings and insights into what potential employers were looking for and how best to present myself at interviews.  I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Ian and the team as with their help I have finally landed a great role in a fantastic organisation. 

Juney De Aguilar

To whoever is reading this message just like you, a month ago, I was also looking for better agencies to sign up to. I also felt quite frustrated for not getting any calls from the jobs I was applying for, so one of my friends recommended Ian Walker at London Works to me. I contacted Ian and within a month, not only had we applied for many jobs, but I also found a job I wanted. Ian provided great help with getting my CV in correct order and we started discussing potential roles. During this time we built great a relationship with one another so he understood the kind of jobs I was looking for. Their registering process is super easy too and there is a very friendly atmosphere at their office. I’m truly grateful to Ian for helping me find a job where I can progress in the future.

You should also try speaking to Ian as I have already recommended London Works to a few of my friends.

Fazila Siddiqui


Joining London Works was great because they really took the time to get to know me and put me forward for jobs that suited my skills and competencies. Unlike other recruitment agencies, London Works placed me according to my ability and potential rather than just placing me in similar positions I had held in the past. I have been in my current position for a few months now and I am in contact with London Works on a frequent basis.  They also regularly call just to catch up and check on how I am getting on, dealing with any concerns I have immediately.

I highly recommend Ian as a professional, diligent and extremely competent consultant who helped me to find the right position and identified the key criteria I was looking for in my next role. Ian’s expertise and negotiating skills helped me tremendously in seeking employment; he is one of the best consultants in his field that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I have no concerns in promoting his services to people in need of work and also to employers as his level of service and consideration is second to none.

I feel very lucky to have the constant support of London Works, and it is brilliant to work for an agency that genuinely wants you to progress and succeed in any career you choose!

Ibrahim Hussain

“As a professional with many years of experience working as HR Coordinator and Manager in the training and development sector  for  small companies , I was looking forward to finding work in a company that enhances and values talent and hard work.

In my search, I had come across many agencies, but I found that some of them are simply not interested in supporting your career development but in gaining a commission even if you have to trade your own career goals.

London Works is different; they actually care about their candidates, and they are focused in finding you a position suitable to your professional needs. Ian Walker was very keen in supporting my career development and was careful in selecting positions according to my trained background.

Ian placed me in a temporary job position, and also contacted another organisation interested in establishing a training and development department; he made sure that I had opportunities that were in line with my skills and knowledge.

I felt supported and guided, throughout the process, which has helped me to become a more confident person and as a result the company I was temping for have offered me a permanent position. This has really motivated me as I can enhance my expertise and skills further within a very well-known organisation.

I am very grateful and pleased with all the process and the way it was coordinated. The London works staffs are friendly, helpful and organised.

Thank you Ian and Thanks London Works”

Liliana V Daro

I was truly amazed by the service that London Works provided me. I registered with London Works in February and they were able to arrange an interview for me within a week. London works did so by carefully listening to my needs, which helped tremendously by securing me a place which tailored towards both my needs and skillset, therefore ensuring I would excel and progress in the role they put me forward for. I hugely appreciate what they have done for me, as a recent graduate I believe that London Works helps to bridge the gap between graduates and unemployment.

Tanbir Ahmed

I recently came across London Works while searching for a new opportunity. The registration process was very professional while Carolyn showed great flexibility to accommodate my limited availability for meetings and calls. Through her knowledge, commitment and dedication she helped me through a long recruitment process and I was able to secure a great new position. I have been dealing with countless recruitment agents over the years but it’s only every so often that you come across a person in the industry that you won’t forget for all the right reasons. Carolyn is absolutely one of them and she has been a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking employment.

Christine Schreiber

I would like to thank everyone at London Works Agency for securing me a temp job which then became a permanent position. I had registered with so many agencies, I lost count. London Works was the only agency who not only took an interest in my CV but wanted to know about me as a person. I was very nervous about the interview with the employer and Nigel and the team helped me through with lots of encouragement - thank you again.

Diana Axworthy

Whilst at university I, as with many other students, were completely terrified towards the closing phase of my academic life. I felt as if I had extensively utilized my precious resources with nothing other than a degree to exhibit my dedication and ambitions for success. Coming from a lower-middle class background this was just not enough. 

However I could see light at the end of tunnel in the form of London Works and particularly in the form of Nigel Irwin. I was first introduced to Nigel via a guest lecture at the University of East London in early 2014. As the months went by I and London Works had worked in collaboration to find the ideal position for me within a fantastic organisation. I can confidently say that if it was not for London Works and their techniques of assessment and consistent support, I would not have been able to reach what I currently consider to be the pinnacle of both my academic and professional career to date. 

Sunjay Sharma

Coming out of University with no experience I found it very competitive and struggled to get interviews let alone graduate employment.  London Works not only get you in front of prestigious employers, but they also work with you on a personal level - meticulously going through your CV and interview techniques to help you gain employment successfully.  Carolyn and Nigel in particular helped me greatly in getting my new role at the FCA, for which I’m truly grateful!

Luke Thompson-Allen

London Works really works! I had the most incredible support and help through my job search from everyone I met there.  They are all just amazing and so absolutely eager to know you as a person, not just as a job seeker. Their interest is your interest, to find you a placement.  Not any placement though but the one that suits you the most. I had couple of phone calls; the second one brought me the job. Exactly what I wished for! Working for a multinational on what I liked and knew best: accounting. I couldn’t be more lucky to have come across London Works.  London Works is different. It’s brilliant!

Ana Das